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      • In the "Hero Gallery" menu, when you´ve clicked a hero and you´re in the menu where you can select what you want to see like skins, voice line, emotes etc. I want them to add a "next hero" and "previous hero" button so that you dont have to go back to the hero list if you want to look at a different hero. The ability to change skins in the hero select as a game is starting, but Blizzard has explained how this is very hard and I can see how it could be a bad idea(people not paying attention to when the game is starting etc.). A "select ready" status for groups so that you don´t accidentally que for comp while someone is tabbed out or afk. Being able to play on the training stage even if you´re in a group. Whether it brings the whole group with you into the stage or if you go there alone but stay in the group could be a choice but if only one of them works then that´s good enough for me. It would be nice to have this in situations were you´re just waiting for people to join the group before you´re able to start the que.
      • I´m CET - Central European Time(UTC+1). I can play from 1900(7 PM) on Mondays/Thursdays, from 1500(3 PM) on Wednesday/Friday and the whole day Tuesdays/Sundays. No Saturday since that´s gamenight and I´d prefer to start as early as possible since I have pretty early mornings.   I also agree with @Manuelraa about starting gamenight earlier, maybe even earlier than 2000, especially since I know there´s a lot of ppl that can´t join as late as it currently is like @K1tT3n for example.   Edit: Is there a way to change your answer to the poll? Also @BasicallyToast It might be a good idea to tag the Overwatch members so that they get a notification about this post.

      • 1. What is your UPlay username? McAppleJuice556
        2. Are you requesting a specific coach, or would you like the first coach available?
        The first coach available
        3. Which areas would you like coaching in? (e.g. map awareness, specific factions/warriors, etc.) Please be as detailed and specific as possible.
        I'd like to know more about deflecting
        4. How do you prefer to train? (e.g. custom games, specific game modes, etc.)
        Custom games
        5. What are your short-term goals? What would you like to be able to do better by the end of your coaching sessions?
        Be able to deflect naturaly, like parrying
        6. What are your long-term goals? Are you looking to win more in duels, team matches, place in tournaments, etc.?
        7. What days/times are you available to be coached? All day between weeks. From 9:00 to 23:00. Time in South America, Paraguay
      • That's fair. It's forces mages in particular to position more agressive to be able to punish Valeera when revealed.
      • I like how Grubby didn't even care slightest about Valeera's changes.
        I actually don't know what to think about Valeera after rework for QM... Yeah, she will be more visible, but still... She can now teleport behind you with your stun, W-Q-E and bail out. Unavoidable poke/stun. When it comes to ganking, she takes the crown from Kerrigan with that, at least Kerrigan you can avoid.

        At least one good thing, instead of "burst and bail out" tactic, they are giving her more trading potential, through shorter stun that gives blind and longer silence.
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