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      • We could still use a couple more if there is more interest. 3 of us made the first day, we had a few good games 😁👍
      • Looking for a team to play with, i am a flex player, silver atm, Vortex#1438, i am usually on from Monday to Thursday from like 6:30 PM CST to like 9:30 PM CST, let me know if anybody is interested in adding me to their roster or making a team
      • let me know if we are still doing this?
      • I am interested in joining   Vortex#1438/Silver/Flex, i am on and streaming 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday from 6:30 PM CST to like 9:30 PM CST, let me know 
      • As we wrap up our very first event, i have to say for the first time it was rather succesfull. even though we started off with 11 players, and in the end, only5 remained, it was still very impressive. the following are:   Valyrus - The Revolutionary Great Republic of Majahapit Grass - The Iqta Empire of Hindustan  LowlyNoob - The Administrative Colonial Kingdom of Brittany Gumbo - The Holy Feudal Kingdom of Jerusalem Nebulon - The Sultanate of Songhai Super Grom - The Norwegan Duchy of Brittany   In this game, our goal was to start of as minor nations, in a rough starting point, and rise to become a great power. in the beggining, everybody had rough edges and starts.  the starting nations were the Kingdom of Majahapit,  Trade Kingdom of Gujurat, The Duchy of Brittany, the Duchy of Provence and the Duchy of Songhai, each power rose up from the ranks. Norway, with the help of sweden and other nations, broke free from the kalmar union, and rose up through forceful uniting of scandanavia! Songhai, with the goals of uniting conquered all of western africa except for the Kongo. Provence, started off by joining the HRE, with the goal of reforming Jerusalem and reclaiming the holy land, Gujurat, to be the emperor of India, and Majahapit, to secure the indonesian islands and australia.
          the Majahapit empire, the biggest empire alive, amazingly united all of indonesia, eastern african coast, parts of china and colonial domains in the americas. as well as Iberia.   Hindustan succeeded in working in tandem with Majahapit to united most of india, as well as have colonial domains in africa and china and mexico.   Brittany succeeded in being the biggest colonial kingdom, having taken only western france, and the rest of america being his.   Provence succeeded in reclaiming the holy lands, being spread out through iberia, francien region, germany and egypt, with Brandenburg as a march. sadly, as they were climbing up, their king died heirless, and they fell under a personal union Austria   Norway, on his path to unite scandanavia (this happened when the player missed a session), was focussed by an alliance of denmark, russia, sweden and the commonwealth, being forced to exiled to greenland and iceland, is now a subject of Brittany

                Shoutout to everyone who partook. this was an extremly fun session! next session will be a quick, 5-6 session smash round of major powers, then we start off the next patch with a whole new session. 

        Everybody is more than welcome!!!
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